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AI Engineer - Machine Learning - Computer Science - Wildlife Image Recognition Intern

Wildlife protection and counter poaching are the principal missions of the drones developed by Kashmir Robotics. Our drones are launched with awareness of self and mission objectives. On board sensors, signal processing, and deep neural learning enable our drones to develop better representations from large-scale unlabeled data acquired during the mission and all prior mission by all Kashmir Robotics drones. They learn, evolve, and become masters of mission solutions. 

Internship Requirements
Develop deep learning neural networks for image recognition for onboard data processing. Understanding of YOLO and tinyYOLO are ideal.

Artificial intelligence engineers have to perform calculations and need to have good mathematical skills to do so. They also need computer skills so that they can design and develop relevant software. Communication skills are important for artificial intelligence programmers because they must be able to clarify their objectives to others in their team, and they may be responsible for supervising other programmers as part of their duties. They might face unique challenges in their work so they also need to have good problem-solving skills.

This is a virtual internship so you will be working with interns from around the global. You can also choose which project you would be interested in working with.

MiSHELL a Sea Turtle Drone
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Snow Leopard AI Portal
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